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BLOGFocus On Your Brand, Or Else!

You sent out a single email marketing campaign or ran a Facebook ad for a few days and didn’t get any conversions? The only reason the marketing firm you hired is at fault is if they made you think anything else was going to happen. If they did explain it to you, then it’s your fault, no excuses. Business owners are rushing to get in front of consumers and generate new revenue. Unfortunately, many of these business owners do not understand the first thing about marketing, which is why they look to hire an agency to help, but their expectations are unrealistic.

Even a site like Google, which generates some of the highest conversion rates in the world, cannot and will not guarantee results after a single campaign. If someone offers you a guarantee as far as sales go, hang up the phone or walk out of the room, because they are just trying to get your business.

Again, there is no way in the existence of digital marketing to generate conversions after one campaign. It doesn’t matter what you heard about a friend of a friend who sent out an email campaign from a 3rd party list and got so many sales he was able to buy a boat and sail away. It doesn’t happen and it will not happen. Consumers do not trust brands they have never heard of before, especially when it comes to online sales.

People don’t even trust brands they’ve never heard of before in the grocery store. How many times does someone need laundry detergent, they go down the aisle in the grocery store to find some and they see the big brands selling for nine dollars a bottle. On the shelf below is a lesser known brand that is seven dollars a bottle. It doesn’t matter if the qualities are the same, it doesn’t matter if the cheaper brand will do the same exact thing. What matters to that consumer is that they have never heard of that brand, so they go with the better known one, even though it costs more.  

They buy the brand, not the service, not the product, the brand. Why? Because they can count on the brand. They trust the grocery store because they can return the product, they trust the more popular sites to shop on because their purchase is protected. They trust search engines because it tells them what they need to know about you. If you do not give someone reason to not only be aware of your brand but to trust it, you will not get anywhere in digital marketing.