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BLOGIdentifying the right consumer

The biggest problem with marketing for most companies is identifying and reaching the right consumer. Television for example is one of the worst ways to reach consumers now. Why? You cannot target a specific audience, the ads are easily ignored, you cannot track and traffic it generates and it’s very expensive.

There are still companies who spend tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year running these ads and claim their marketing to be a success. The problem is that they do not understand that there’s a better way to market and it’s more affordable. It begins with identifying the right consumer.

Keep in mind, the right consumer for you will not be the right consumer for someone else. The person who drives Chevy truck will probably not be interested in a Tesla electric car. However, that person may be interested in the new Tesla electric truck. Once your ideal consumer is identified, the next step is to find the best platforms to reach them on.

Sticking with the electric car example, you know that this person probably likes to research things before making a decision on buying something. That’s why you need to start with Google, making sure that the information the consumer finds is that yours. Next, you need to implement retargeting. Anyone who visits your site is considered a lead. Why would you let them go? Retargeting allows you to follow this person around on other sites they visit and apps they use, keeping your brand in their mind.

Next, get a little more aggressive with your marketing. If the consumer will not come to you, you need to go to them. Email, social media, display ads and even direct mail will present you with an introduction. Your costs are still low considering each campaign is directed towards your ideal consumer rather than just a random audience.

This type of marketing is more affordable, produces a better ROI, builds success for your brand and is able to be tracked. Still want to just run a television commercial.