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About FAQ

Digital Marketing

Q: What exactly is digital marketing?

A: That’s a great question because digital marketing is a broad term and it covers a lot of territory. In general, digital marketing refers to reaching customers through any internet-connected device – most often smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. Digital marketing focuses on reaching people on those devices through any digital method – most often search engines (like Google), social media, email, websites and apps.

Q: Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

A: Definitely. Marketing as a rule is reaching people where they are, and people are online. Digital marketing is the best avenue to reach the largest audience in a way that is affordable and completely measurable. Though some companies continue to approach digital marketing with skepticism, they are becoming the minority as many of their competitors adopt a digital strategy and grow. Digital marketing will allow your business to reach more potential customers in an easy, direct way when they need your service or product most.

Q: How do I get started with digital marketing?

A: It’s much, much easier than you think. It can seem daunting at first, but we’re experts at identifying a simple, actionable plan for your company no matter what your digital marketing needs are. Whether you’re a digital marketing expert or a complete novice, our experts know how to identify a strategy that will work for you. We are happy to give you a free digital strategy session at no cost, all you have to do is call 407-476-2050 and we can help.


Q: What does SEO stand for?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to get your company’s webpage, video, or other digital property to rank higher when people search for them. The ultimate goal being to increase organic (unpaid) traffic to that page, and that’s what we specialize in. Call us now and we’ll give you a free strategy session on how this can work for you.

Q: Which is better, SEO or paid advertising?

A: This is sort of like asking “what is more important - a hammer of a screwdriver?” Both are very important tools that are used for different jobs, and both are vital to a company’s online success. Ideally you use SEO to build online authority, organic brand recognition, and getting organic leads so that your paid advertising costs are far less, and far more effective. Call us now and we can show you how both can work together for your company.

Q: How can I get started with SEO simply and affordably?

A: We work with companies of all kinds doing their SEO, and can help you no matter what part of the process you’re in. Whether you’re an SEO beginner or an expert, we’re ready to work with you to see how we can help. Call now and we’ll give you a free SEO strategy session and see if we’re a fit for each other. Let’s talk: 407-476-2050.

Google AdWords/PPC

Q: What is PPC or AdWords Marketing?

A: What is PPC marketing? PPC stands for “pay-per-click” marketing, and is a form of web advertising that allows companies to place advertisements in search results, when people are actively looking for a service with intent to buy. With PPC, you only pay when somebody clicks on an ad, rather than paying for views like many other marketing platforms. AdWords is the name of Google’s platform for PPC, and is the largest and most widely used service for it. This has made the terms somewhat interchangeable, like any soda being a “Coke” or any tissue being a “Kleenex.”

Q: Do people really click on ads?

A: Absolutely. In fact - more people than ever. In the latest poll, Google found that more than half of the people who clicked on an ad didn’t know it was an ad. Almost all of Google’s substantial revenues (97-98% of its annual revenue, over $40 billion+) comes from advertising. It’s been proven that for searches where the person looking has a high intent to buy, ads can take up to twice as many clicks as organic results. You should be using this to your advantage, and using PPC services where you can.

Q: How can I get started with PPC advertising simply and affordably?

A: Our team of experts (many of which who formerly worked for Google) know PPC inside and out, and are here to help you. Whether you have an existing PPC account and are looking for a second opinion, or you have zero experience and need to start from scratch, we’re here to help. Call now and we’ll give you a free PPC strategy session to see if we’re a fit for each other. Let’s talk: 407-476-2050.

Social Media

Q: Is social media important for every business? Do I need it?

A: The answer is undoubtedly yes. Let’s face it... the world has gone social. In fact, 30% of all time (and counting) spent online is spent on social media. If you want to get in front of people where they are spending time, social media is the way to do it. We can show you the secret sauce for when to post and why, and how it can help grow your audience and increase your bottom line.

Q: What social media platforms should I use?

A: Social media is changing every day. Facebook is a great starting point for everyone, and then branching out from there depending on your business is a good strategy. Social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn are wildly popular, but very different. And lets not forget Twitter, and some of the other more specialized platforms. We’re experts at helping you identify your audience where your audience is, what products and/or services your business provides and the goals you wish to achieve.

Q: How can I get started on social media?

A: We’re happy to help you get started with your social media presence, and we are experts at the current state of each platform today. If you’re looking for straight answers, and myths debunked, and a clear-cut path to building a social media presence that will matter to your customers, we can help. Let’s do a free strategy call today, just call 407-476-2050.

Data Marketing

Q: What is data marketing?

A: Data marketing is highly targeted marketing utilizing our nearly 300 million permission-based, fully opted in customer lists. Transparent Marketing Solutions offers you access to one of the largest databases in the world. We can identify consumers based on hundreds of attributes including their age, their gender, location, income, job title, credit score, personal interests, political affiliation, type of vehicle they drive, if they are married, how many children they have and so much more.

Q: How up-to-date is your database of customers?

A: We update and clean the database in real time, as per usage, as well as a thorough deep clean every 90 days. This means that as we deploy any campaign, we gather hard and soft bounces, as well as opt outs and flag the records accordingly. Then the database as a whole is updated and scrubbed on a quarterly basis. We are also 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and take that very seriously.

Q: How can I get started using data marketing?

A: It’s simple - just give us a call, and we can begin to identify your target audience. Because of the size of our database, we have many options of who we can reach for your business. All you would need to do is describe your ideal customer, and we’ll create an audience for you that we can begin marketing to? Don’t know your ideal customer? We can help with that too. Talk to an expert at no cost. For a free strategy session call 407-476-2050.

Creative Services

Q: When you say “creative services” what does that cover?

A: Creative services covers a lot of ground, but is primarily videos, images, and written content for your business. We help companies look professional and consistent across all platforms. We handle anything from YouTube and Facebook videos, to logo design, and writing marketing pieces and blog posts and pretty much anything in between. We’ll make sure that all of your media is consistent, beautiful, and all gives the customer the same clear message about your company: excellence.

Q: I have some existing creative elements (images, videos). Can you edit those?

A: Sure! We help a lot of clients in this way. Need a new Facebook banner? We’ve got you covered. Have an existing video you need edited for length? No problem at all. Need your logo put on letterhead, or sized for a promotional product? We can help. There’s really nothing we can’t do, so give us a call at 407-476-2050 and we can talk.

Q: How can I get started if I need creative services?

A: It’s as simple as a quick phone call to discuss exactly what you need - and you don’t need any creative experience at all to get started. Our experts know how to take any project of any size (and at any stage in development) and execute it with excellence. Your online presence begins with what people see. Give your brand a respectable presence with a professional facelift from our award-winning creative team. Call us today to get started at 407-476-2050.

Sales Consulting

Q: What is sales consulting?

A: Sales consulting is a process where we take an in-depth look at how your sales team is handling your potential customers. What is your sales team saying? What steps are they taking? Many business owners don’t truly know, and that’s where we can help. Think of your sales team as the bridge between your customers and your product – we’ll inspect every part of the bridge to make sure that its bringing you new customers.

Q: We have a really unique sales cycle, are you sure you can help us?

A: Absolutely. Every company, sales team, sales force, and organization is unique, and there is no one size fits all for any sales process – even within the same industry. We always start with a deep dive and an analysis of what you’re currently doing. Using our decades of sales experience we’ll strategize with you on where there are any holes, and come up with actionable recommendations to plug them. No matter how unique or simple your sales process is, we can help you make it airtight to convert more customers.

Q: How can I get started with your sales consulting?

A: It’s simple. Just give us a call at 407-476-2050 and we’ll conduct a strategy session with you at no cost. Because of our experience working with dozens of industries, we know what it takes to take a cold lead and turn it into a long-term customer. With just a few tweaks from our experts, you’ll begin to see results. We can work with your team to improve conversion rates and expand the lifetime value of a customer, starting today. Give us a call at 407-476-2050.