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BLOG8 Secrets About Facebook Marketing You Didn’t Know

Facebook marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach consumers and get a response. Rather than just hoping people see your ad, you can get them to engage with you and reach them on their mobile devices. The reason Facebook marketing is so appealing to businesses is because the average user will spend hours each day on their profile. However, that doesn’t describe the true value of it. With television, viewers are usually only giving a fraction of their attention to a movie or program. When commercials come on, they either use this time to check their phone or they fast-forward through it. However, ads on Facebook get noticed more and offer a higher retention rate along with better targeting and tracking.

While all of that is great, there are still plenty of other things about this site you may not know:

You can target based on a person’s interest: Rather than focusing on age, gender, geo or something else, you can target your ads towards people who are showing an active interest in the services or products you provide, increasing your chances for engagement.

You can target people based on the pages they follow: If you are a motivational speaker for example, rather than targeting people who might have an interest in your promotions and content, you can send ads to people who are following other motivational speakers.

You can focus on engagement rather than just clicks: On other platforms, ads come down to impressions and clicks. On Facebook, you can also focus on engagement. Why is this important? Two reasons, one is because whenever you are running a video ad, it’s nice to see that hundreds of people have liked and commented on it. The other reason is because anyone who reacts to your post can then be sent an invite to like your page.  

It’s easy to upload your products to Facebook so people can buy from there: Not a huge fan of your site or having a hard time getting people to visit it? Not to worry, you can add your entire inventory to your Facebook page and sell directly from there.

You can sync everything with your Instagram page: You can also sync everything including your ads and marketing efforts between your FB page and Instagram page to save time and compare results.

Facebook pages can be used as fully functional websites: These pages will index with Google and they will allow you to advertise, make sales, communicate with consumers and even capture contact info.

You can target people based on their email addresses: If you have an email database you can actually upload it to FB and market to those people directly, rather than just relying on standard targeting.

You can retarget anyone who visits your site: If someone visits your site, you can add a pixel that captures their information and displays retargeting ads to them on FB and IG. This is a great way to get more traffic and reach someone who has already visited your site. Remember, retargeting has the highest conversion rate in digital marketing because the ads are going to people who are already familiar with you.

While Facebook is not the ideal platform to market for some businesses, it’s definitely something you should take a deeper look into, especially if you are looking for affordable marketing options to get your brand out there.