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BLOGDo Press Releases Add Value To Your Marketing Campaigns?

You have seen and possibly even used press releases in the past and you aren’t sure how, if at all, they help your business. Press releases are one of those things that add hidden value to your business, just like good reviews on popular sites. The idea is that when you send out a release, it’s deployed to hundreds of thousands of news sites and websites that are interested in the content. The more sites that pick it up, the more the story will be found by people who are researching your company. Why is that important?

Imagine someone is looking for information on your business trying to decide whether or not they want to buy from you. They head to Google and type in your company name and all they find is the same old information, sites with low review ratings, content from competitors and so forth. How does that help you? It doesn’t and it can cost your business. While you are working on these reviews you can have content from these releases push down those sites so that people can see more positive information about you. Even if you have strong ratings, it’s important that you take the time to produce new content every few months so that people know that you are doing new things and that your business is thriving.

So, how does a press release really work and benefit you aside from making it look like you are still in business and generating positive news? From an SEO standpoint, having all those sites talking about you and linking back to you is very valuable, but again, you can only do it once every few months. Do not try to do dozens of releases each month. Another way it can help is that it can actually generate business for you based on which sites pick it up. For example, if you are debuting a new app, this is a great time to have a PR sent out because tech blogs and sites that talk about apps will not only pick up the story, but they will get to work on researching your app to see if it’s something their users will want to try out.

Remember, it’s impossible for these sites to cover every story out there so being able to get information from you that’s relevant to their audience, for free, is something they want to take advantage of. If you are not sure how PR’s can benefit you, give one a try and see how it works. However, make sure that you use a credible platform for deployment. Real sites cost hundreds of dollars and are never free.