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BLOGCutting Your Google Marketing Costs

The biggest problem companies are dealing with when it comes to marketing on google is the cost. The worlds largest search engine in any cheap when it comes to AdWords and it requires a serious investment. In return for that investment you have a chance to generate traffic and potential sales. However, you will have plenty of competition and need to find a way to generate more than just traffic.

PPC is known as a top of the funnel traffic generator because it gets consumers to your site quickly. However, you still need to put in the work to generate that traffic and help it to convert. Luckily, the more you follow these steps, the lower your costs in PPC can be.

For starters, make sure that your landing page is in great shape. Believe it or not, you will be able to place your ads higher than some competitors if you are able to produce better quality ads and landing pages than they, even if your budget is less. Why is this? Because Google wants to present the best information to its users, even if they aren’t paying as much as others are.

Another thing you can do is add retargeting. Most people do not buy from a site the first time they are on it. This is because they want to research other competitors, get more prices and so forth. Keep that in mind as you set a budget. So, if people are visiting your site, it only makes sense to add a retargeting pixel. This allows you to keep ads in front of them as they visit other sites including their social media. Retargeting also has a very high conversion rate.

Gmail ads are another thing you can do. You can focus on the same keywords that you are for PPC but the cost per click is much lower as the consumer only sees the ads when they visit their email accounts. It also has a very higher CTR rate which companies love and enhances retargeting even more.

Finally, are you investing time and money into SEO? Yes, it takes longer to get results but if you run your campaign the right way, you can generate very high-quality traffic to your site and you do not have to spend more each month, especially during the busier seasons.

Google is the best place to go for quality traffic. However, if you want to still get people to visit your site and save at the same time, these tips are a great place to start.