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BLOGContests and Giveaways, A Great Way To Promote Yourself

Not sure how to connect with people and get them excited about your brand? It’s harder than ever to get the attention of a consumer, even if they are actively searching for your products or services. You can run ads to them all day but the chances of them seeing it and actually clicking on it are slim which is why you have to keep sending ads out over and over again. You are already doing that and you are seeing results but you want a new plan that will get people to communicate with your brand, maybe share it with some of their friends and family and even allow you to capture their information.

Why not have a contest? Online contests and giveaways offer high conversion rates because they give people a chance to win something cool, but they give you a chance to get engagement and shares to your content. There are literally thousands of examples of companies generating thousands of new followers from just adding a contest to their marketing plan.

So, how can you make this work to your advantage? First, offer something great like a $100 certificate, free merchandise or something else. Then, make some creative ads that you can run on social media. Ask people for their email and give them extra entries if they follow your social media and invite friends to do the same. Then, as you run the ads to the target audience of people who are similar to your ideal consumer, you can add more emails to your database.

So, Why Does This Matter?

Studies have shown that you have a higher chance of getting people to buy from you if they’ve seen your ads and brand dozens of times. The best way to do that is to target them on social media and email and send them content over and over again. If you want to see sales, you need to make sure that these consumers are constantly getting ads from you. However, you have to make sure that the content you are sending them is good.

Don’t send people random content that’s all promotional. Give them something fun like a new contest, news about your company or maybe information that allows them to make more informed decisions when they look to purchase something you offer. The important thing is to stay in their mind so that whenever they are finally ready to buy something, you’re the company they go to.