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BLOGCan SEO Save You Money?

Most business owners will look at the cost of SEO and adding it to their marketing. However, the real question should be how much it can benefit you? The reason most marketing companies offer the service of search engine optimization despite plenty of business owners not knowing if it’s worth it is because marketers know very well that it brings value to a site and business. Having those organic rankings not only generates free traffic but that traffic usually converts at a much higher rate than that of other campaigns. Here are some other ways SEO can help you to save money.

Lower CPC

Cost per click can be high nearly anywhere you go, especially if you have to run paid campaigns. Because SEO is not based on a per-click cost, any traffic you generate from it only increases the value of the campaign and allows you to get a better ROI on your marketing services. It also can help your other marketing services convert better.

Lower CPA

Along with a more affordable cost per click, you can expect to see a lower cost per acquisition. How exactly does that work? There are two ways actually. The first is that you are generating organic leads and the cost for those is going to be considerably lower than that of paid ones. The other advantage is that when people see your paid ads, they may go to Google to review your company. With a strong SEO campaign, there’s a good chance that they will like what they see which will make your conversion rates go up, costing you less money when it comes to getting actual sales.

Improve Value Of Site

Few people know that a site, much like a home, can increase and decrease in value. Believe it or not, there are some sites that are worth millions of dollars, not because that’s the amount of business they generate, but because of how well the site is built, it’s organic rankings, traffic and web presence. Having search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy will drastically increase the value of your site.

Lower Need For AdWords

If you are in a field where AdWords is very expensive, having a solid search engine campaign will ensure that you are still getting quality traffic without the need for paying top dollar for AdWords like your competitors have to.

There are so many advantages for having SEO but you have to remember that it will not only make you money, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run.