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BLOGMarketing Tips For New Attorneys

One of the things that new attorneys are usually overwhelmed with is how to market their services and get new business. Whatever your reason is for venturing out on your own, it is up to you to generate your own clients. Some people would say that going to Google is the smart thing to do. It is but the problem you have with that is that it can take months and thousands of dollars to generate interest. It is something you need to do but you are looking for more immediate results. Some attorneys like the idea of marketing on social media because they see a lot of engagement. Yes, there are advantages to marketing to people via social media including getting your name out there. However, you are not introducing yourself to people who need your services right now.

Think of the person you are looking for as a consumer. If you market to them when they don’t need you, you are not going to get a response. However, if you can reach them or be found by them when they do need legal assistance, you have a much better shot of getting their business. This is why Google is such a valuable and important tool for you to utilize. Again, the problem with that is that in order to generate immediate results you need to be willing to pay a lot for pay per click and Google AdWords.

There are some affordable options to consider. The first is search engine optimization. SEO offers two benefits to small businesses and new attorneys. The first benefit is that you immediately brand your name on Google and it allows you to market to people in your area who are looking for assistance. The other advantage is that over of course of time you will be found on page one by people researching legal assistance and in need of your services. SEO is a cost-effective option that presents short-term and long-term benefits.

Another cost-effective option is to utilize contextual ad marketing which relies on search as well as the activity of a user. For example, if someone goes onto a search engine and starts looking for a personal injury attorney, whether they find you or not, you can start sending them ads which offers your services. This is a great opportunity to drastically reduce the cost of normal PPC and generate immediate, quality traffic.