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BLOGAre Your Marketing Efforts Working Together?

Teamwork is essential in anything you do. If you have multiple things working in unison, you have a chance to accomplish something great. The same thing can be said about your marketing efforts. If you are marketing on different platforms, the goal is to make sure that they work together to improve your chances of getting conversions. However, most businesses do not know how to combine the efforts of different campaigns. That’s where we can help!

Reaching The Consumer

First, let’s set realistic expectations. You must hit the consumer an average of 10-30 times before you can expect a reaction. A reaction means clicks, questions, research of your business, a phone call or even a conversion. You cannot expect to hit someone with a single ad and have them respond. It doesn’t happen and it’s something that businesses fail to understand when they deploy campaigns. The best way to reach a consumer is with similar content on multiple platforms. For example, you can send someone an email and then run a similar ad on Facebook as well as banner ads on sites they visit.  

The User Experience

Think of yourself as the consumer. How would you build an interest in a new brand? Imagine while you are at work you get a notification on your phone of a new email from a brand you’ve never heard of that’s offering a product or service you might be interested in. You quickly view it and then delete it because you’re not ready to buy anything. Then you go onto Facebook and see this company run an ad that shows up on your newsfeed. The only reason the ad sticks out to you is because they just sent you an email.

Chances are you still do not respond because you’re doing something else, but they are now stuck in your mind. A week goes by and you’ve seen their ads a few times on Facebook and Instagram but you still haven’t done anything. Then you get another email, reminding you of the original promotion. Now you decide to take action and you head to Google to see who they are. Why haven’t you heard of them before? Are they new, how did they get your information?

When they get to Google to research you, they find plenty of information about your business. They like what they see, and they go to your site to learn more about the promotion. However, they still are not ready to buy from you and they leave your site. Now they notice something else, banner ads from your site are following them around thanks to retargeting. Dozens of sites they visit have your ads displayed and showing them different promotions. For about a month or two they have seen your ads on Facebook and sites they visit, apps and more. It’s hard for them to forget about you at this point and that’s when they get another email from you, showing them a new promotion, you are offering.

This Wasn’t A Coincidence

How did your business send this random person an email, then display ads on their Facebook page and so forth? It’s because they utilized the comprehensive database of Transparent Marketing Solutions. With over 280 million consumer, permission-based records, we can target and create an audits that is based on several attributes including a person’s age, gender, geo, job title, income, personal interests, shopping habits, marital status, presence of children, political affiliation and so much more. We can use this information to reach the consumer via email, social media, programmatic ads and even postal.

Spreading A Wide Net

The key to digital marketing is to remember that you must have a strong presence. You have to not only reach the consumer on various platforms, but you also have to be found on trusted platforms they will use to research you including Google. A consumer may not respond the first few times they see your ad. However, with a strong online presence, an omni-touch strategy and reliable data, you can develop brand familiarity that will benefit your future marketing efforts and bring in new business for years.