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BLOGAre You Being Social Enough?

Social media isn’t exactly a secret anymore as billions of people around the world use it to stay updated on trending topics and communicate with friends and family. The average person dedicates over four hours a day of their attention to platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The majority of this time is done via mobile devices and retention rates are higher for ads on these apps than almost any other.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been stuck behind someone at a green light or who is driving 10 miles slower than everyone else because they are looking at their Facebook or Instagram feed. Television commercials are a chance for people to see what their friends have posted in the last four minutes. It’s safe to say the popularity of these apps are not going to shrink anytime soon. What shocks marketers the most is that 70% of businesses still do not understand the advantages of these sites and how to properly use them.

I Won’t Make Sales Off Social Media

Social media is NOT designed for sales unless you are in retail, a restaurant/bar or throwing an event. These sites are meant to educate consumers on who you are as a company, the services and products you offer and so forth. Fortune 500 companies s/pend millions of dollars to run television commercials that are ignored, have terrible targeting and offer zero tracking. Why do they do this? Because they understand the importance of branding and how it improves their chances of being selected by a consumer whenever they have to make a decision on a new purchase.

My Customers Aren’t Looking For Me On These Sites

False! Let’s use the example of an auto insurance company. People may not buy auto insurance from a post they saw on Facebook. However, what they will do is click on the blog that’s titled “5 ways to save on auto insurance.” They will click on this link and go directly to your site, reading the blog and being introduced to your brand. This builds trust and familiarity between you and the reader and eventually, especially when they are looking for auto insurance, they are going to trust your company and call you.

I Just Don’t Get All This Social Media Stuff

You don’t have to! Most of your competitors rely on marketing agencies that offer social media services to build their online presence. We can create ads, manage your accounts, build up engagement and drive traffic to your site.

What Makes You Guys Different?

We manage social media a little bit differently than other agencies. Our focus is to capture or create your brand’s message in a way that will grab attention on these sites. For example, are you more professional or do you like to show that you have some fun from time to time? The more entertaining you are, the more people will organically follow and engage with you. We can also combine this service with others, utilizing our comprehensive database to allow your ads to reach the same people via social media, email and display ads.