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BLOGDoes Your Website Have A Chat Feature On It?

Getting plenty of traffic but the phone isn’t ringing enough? That’s probably not going to change much. The reason isn’t because of your marketing efforts, it’s because of the consumer and how they want to get their information now. Instant messaging has made a drastic climb up the ladder when it comes to generating conversions and that’s why a lot of businesses are adding chat features to their sites.

Why is adding a chat feature so important if you want to generate conversions? Most consumers now get their information or respond to ads via their phone. However, that does not mean they want to actually hop on a call, especially if they are at work. Think about yourself as a consumer. You’re sitting at work and you remember that you need to order tickets this weekend for a flight to Orlando.

You head to a site and there are a couple of options but you have a code for 10% off from the airline and you want to make sure it still works. Again, you are at work, there are dozens of people around you and you may be on the phone with a customer as well. So, what do you do? You contact the chat feature to get the information. It’s quick and simple.

Statistics have begun to backup this theory as well. Sites with chat features are converting at a hire rate than sites without, even if they are spending less in marketing each month. Adding that extra option for customers to get information creates a higher chance of generating a sale.

Another advantage the chat feature offers is that you as a business owner or manager are able to extend your hours or service. No, you do not want to answer the phone at 8 pm and you really can’t unless you want people calling your cell phone and consumers are not going to send you emails if they need information. The best of both worlds is the chat feature. You can have it go directly to your phone with instant messaging and communicate with people visiting your site whenever they need information and you are at home watching television and still making sales.