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We’re business owners who were so fed up with digital marketing companies that we started our own. Stop being frustrated, and finally get more customers as you get your money’s worth.

As business owners who had been burned by multiple marketing companies who couldn’t get results–or didn’t deliver what they said they would–we decided to figure things out for ourselves.

On our own dime, we mastered digital marketing, conquered social media, and grew our other companies to revenues in excess of $10 million annually.


We’re not about fluff or buzzwords. We’re about helping business owners build marketing programs that increase sales. We value transparency, so we’ll always make sure you understand our recommendations and process.

We aren’t practicing on you–we’re sharing the proven processes that made us successful. We did it for our own businesses and now we can do it for yours. Let us help you today.

our team

we’re the team you can trust

WE Know what it’s like

We were fed, up too. We’ve been deceived by too many agencies too many times to trust them. If you want to build trust, you have to be transparent – which is the foundation of our business. Let us show you how we’re different, and how we’ve won over clients just like you who have been burned by other agencies.


At Transparent Marketing, we know you need a team behind you. You get better results when the people supporting you possess expertise in the various marketing areas required to make your mark. That requires a marketing army. You can’t do it alone. Neither can we. Let’s build your dream together.


That’s why our team has decades of experience in digital marketing strategy, copywriting, copyediting, graphic design, social media, campaign implementation and management, tactical growth, leadership, and leveraging multi-media to best benefit you and your brand. These components of marketing make up a whole.




Advanced Sales & Marketing tools


Seamless Sales Process


Social Media Brand Awareness & Growth


More Clients = More Money


why our clients love us

  • Transparent helped me immeasurably with my social media presentation! They have been some of the most genuine, earnest, kind, and helpful people I’ve ever worked with. They provided excellent advice on how to structure posts to help with maximum clarity and engagement, and have even offered proactively to help with other issues I only mentioned offhand with very articulate and practical advice and feedback! They’re my new go-to when it comes to anything social-media related and I couldn’t be happier with their help.

    Jeff Doty Avatar
    Jeff Doty

    I highly recommend Transparent Marketing Solutions. They are extremely knowledgeable and had all the skills required to meet my needs, even providing helpful feedback in places I hadn't anticipated. Perhaps just as important, however, they are good listeners and good people. I'll definitely be working with them in the future!

    Nate Vanderzee Avatar
    Nate Vanderzee

    This company has unmatched expertise on the latest trends and mechanisms of digital marketing. After running around and wasting a lot of money on incompetent marketing companies, I feel grateful to have settled on someone who does a great job! They do not over promise and under deliver, they go above and beyond and their services have started paying off already. My business is already expanding better than ever with a lot of new customers! I highly recommend this company if you are looking for honesty, transparency, and a company that delivers results.

    Jason Myerscough Avatar
    Jason Myerscough
  • I was skeptical of digital marketing companies. I couldn't afford to waste any of my budget, and needed results pretty quickly. Thankfully, I found Transparent. They are everything they say they are. They treated my business like was their own, and earned my trust. They even helped me find a wrinkle in my sales process. I won't be using anyone else.

    Aleksandar Kostic Avatar
    Aleksandar Kostic

    I met Transparent initially as a colleague. I realized two things immediately. First, they are masters of their trade beyond anything I could do. Second, they are perhaps the most genuine, honest people I know. Three years later, that hasn't changed.

    Ben Fisher Avatar
    Ben Fisher

    My husband and I own a family medical practice in Palm Coast, FL. We contacted Transparent Marketing out of Orlando about completely rebuilding our ancient website. A BIG thank you goes out to my new found friend and web designer, Tim from Transparent Marketing!! Thank you for turning my vision into a fully functioning website that’s drawing in new patients already! You took the time to listen, and thank you for being patient and using your experience to make our project perfect! 👌

    Kristen Dorman Avatar
    Kristen Dorman
  • Transparent Marketing is a primary example of a company that has their fingers on the pulse of digital business and marketing. They provide sound advice and guidance in all relevant digital spaces, with a keen insight into the best way to promote your brand within your own networks. Even more so, they have incredible insight into areas that you may not even think of and will help you to reach beyond your initial scope.The best thing about Transparent Marketing is that they are real people with a passion to help others grow their businesses.

    Jacob Noorman Avatar
    Jacob Noorman

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We’re business owners just like you. We got tired of paying other agencies for digital marketing that didn’t work. So, we launched our own agency. We did so well that we pledged to help other business owners.A transparent digital marketing company that you can trust – and GROW with. Welcome to the new industry standard. Transparent Marketing Solutions is proud to be a veteran owned business.

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