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BLOG7 Ways To Market For An Insurance Company

Insurance is a tough game, everyone needs it, but they tend to only trust the big brands. Whether you are offering life, health, home or auto, the idea is that you need to have thousands of clients. Getting calls and visits to your website isn’t easy and every day, insurance companies make mistake after mistake when it comes to marketing and advertising. One of the mistakes that’s made is that these businesses are not aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the platforms they use, nor do they know how to properly utilize them.

Think of the insurance company as a football team and the head coach is the owner. When selecting a marketing platform, you have to look at it like you would a football player. You cannot ask someone who is not capable of throwing the ball to be your quarterback. Successful coaches put the right people in the right position so that they can succeed utilizing their strengths. If you want to be successful, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Understand how to really market: Marketing isn’t about sales; it’s about introducing your brand to people and remind them of who you are. This builds trust and gives them a reason to contact you when they do need your service.
  2. Understand the strengths of each platform: You cannot expect to get sales from every platform. For example, Facebook will probably not generate sales, but it is a great way to introduce your brand to people and offer them information on selecting the right insurance.
  3. Get aggressive with content: Images, videos, blogs, brochures and anything else that you can think of. Don’t just hit people with the same thing over and over or they will start to ignore it.
  4. Find cost-effective ways to be found: While most decision makers head to Google for information, AdWords may be a little too expensive for you. However, there are cost-effective options to reach people including SEO, contextual advertising, social media and email marketing.
  5. Give free information: Instead of always asking people for their money, offer them something like information. For example, send out a newsletter or promote a blog on your social media that talks about the best ways to select a new insurance company or the benefits of working with an agent.
  6. Thank your existing customers: The people who are already paying you are your best advertisers. They can recommend you to friends and family and write reviews about you online. Be sure to thank them for being great clients with emails on their birthdays, letters in the mail about ways you are helping them save and so forth.
  7. Remember to remarket: What’s the point of getting all that traffic to your site if you do not remarket? The best part of remarketing, and one of the reasons it has such a high conversion rate, is because people are already familiar with your brand when they see your ads.

Insurance marketing is not easy, and you have to focus on two different things; introducing your brand to people to build trust and also being found when someone actually wants to get new insurance. If you cover these two areas with these tips the phone will start ringing and new clients will be on the way.