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BLOG7 Mistakes You Are Making In Marketing Right Now

Understand one thing, no one, it doesn’t matter how experienced they are, what kind of training they have and so forth, knows how to market your brand perfectly. They cannot guarantee results because if they did, they would charge a lot more for their services. Marketing, real marketing is about trying different things out and seeing what works. You can run a social media in one month and have great success and then run the same one a few months later and get nothing. You can spend thousands on Google AdWords in month one and see 50 conversions and the next month, with the same budget, get less than 10.

This is the rollercoaster that business owners often do not understand, and they blame their marketers because they think something happened that could have prevented it. The fact is that it all depends on a variety of things including the interest of the consumer, the quality of the content, when and where the ads are run, the budget behind it and more. If you run an ad for 50% off a television on a Tuesday, you may not get a single sale. However, if you run the same ad but for only 10% off the television on the weekend, you may sell a bunch of them.

Is that the fault of the marketer? Of course not, but it shows you how crazy and erratic these campaigns can be, especially when you need direct sales. While there is no such thing as a perfect marketing campaign, there are things you can do to improve it. Most mistakes are made by the client, yes you. You may not like to hear that because the customer is always right, but that’s rarely the case as you well know. Think of how many customers have called you screaming about something and they are completely wrong? Marketers feel the same way because their clients push for mistakes without even realizing it. So, what mistakes are you making? Here are some very common ones:

  • Running the ads at the wrong time: Your office is open from 9-5 so you want the ads to run from 9-5. However, the consumer doesn’t shop for something 9-5 unless they need it right there. Running ads off-hours is not only cheaper but gives you a chance to get customers who have more time to research your brand.
  • Running ads too late: If you are running a Black Friday sale and you wait until the day of or the week of to start running ads, you are successfully setting yourself up to fail. Any campaign needs to start a month before the sale actually takes place. This gives you the chance to introduce your brand to the consumer and build familiarity that will eventually lead to sales.
  • Not looking at the competition: If the competition is running ads for 25% off their televisions and you are running it to the same audience for 10% off, are you going to get sales?
  • Lack of Google presence: Whenever you send someone an ad on social media, programmatic, something in the mail or an email, if they are interested, they are not going to buy directly from your site immediately. First, they are going to head to Google so that they can research your brand and if they do not find stuff about you, then do not expect them to buy from you.
  • Using social media for sales: You will not generate sales via social media. Get that through your head. Oh, you’ve done it before? Great, you will not do it again. This is where people constantly waste thousands of dollars. Social media does not generate sales for businesses, it gets people interested in the promotion or brand and that leads to sales.
  • No retargeting: You pay thousands of dollars to get people to your site and then they leave and never hear from you again? Retargeting is the best way to keep people coming back to your site because once they leave, you can have ads follow them around for months.
  • Poorly identifying the need for change: You been wasting money each month, but you want to keep doing the same thing over and over again because it worked in the past. Stop it and build a new strategy.

Obviously, you are going to make mistakes in marketing, and you need to be prepared for that. If you can improve your efforts and be ready for the next big sales push, you will see better results and a better ROI.