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BLOG5 Mistakes Made With Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that businesses around the world use to generate fast traffic and if done well, sales. It’s something that has to be done correctly and Google is happy to assist you as far as providing you information and counseling on setting up a campaign. However, if you are in an industry where the competition is strong, you need to get professional guidance to ensure that you are getting quality results. Every year, businesses waste thousands of dollars on their PPC campaigns because they simply do not understand what they are doing. It’s not a simple platform to use and the tiniest mistakes can cost you a lot of money.

Everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes do not come cheap. Some people have the idea that you just need to setup the campaign and it will run itself. That’s incorrect. In fact, you need someone to constantly watch over the campaign to make sure that things are running smoothly. If you are new to Pay Per Click, make sure that you avoid these common mistakes:

  • Broad Match: Some people like to set campaigns to broad match because it allows them to increase traffic at a lower price. While this does offer some benefit, it’s also the biggest reason businesses waste money with Google AdWords. Let’s use the example of “Artificial Grass In Florida.” A company that sells this fake turf will want to be on the top page if someone types this keyword in. However, when you select broad match, any combination of the words Artificial, Grass and Florida could generate an impression and click. Do you really want to pay every time someone searches for something with the word Florida in it?
  • Time of campaign: Your business may be open 9-5, but that’s not the only time people use the search engine to find information. You have to account for nights and weekends and see when people are searching for your products and services. Remember, you can also grab cheaper traffic on nights and weekends as your competitors cut their campaigns off to save money.
  • Keywords selection: This is very important as companies constantly make the mistake of focusing on only the top keywords in their field. There are hundreds of combinations and variations you need to be aware of to ensure that you are getting the best possible traffic. As far as long-tail keywords (more than 3 words), you should always add these to your list because the volume of searches may be lower, but they are also more affordable to get ranked on and they tend to have higher conversion rates because the person who entered it knows exactly what they want.
  • Over bidding: If your competition is spending $5 a click should you spend $7? That’s a misunderstanding about AdWords that can cost you a lot. Yes, you need to outbid the competition if you want to be ranked higher than them but you also need to take a look at conversion rates, cost per acquisition and search volume. For example, attorneys and construction companies pay hundreds of dollars to be at the top of the page. However, they often are too expensive or have too much work to accommodate the client at that time. So, what do people do? They go to the next company and the next one until they find the right one. That’s why businesses are able to get traffic and sales from the bottom of page one or even the top of page 2 on highly competitive keywords.
  • No use of retargeting: You are paying for traffic to come to your site, but you have to make sure that your ads follow those visitors for months after they leave. If the person visits your site just for information, the chances of them buying something are small. However, if they are being followed around with an ad by your company that offers a discount on what they just saw, you have a great chance of getting them to come back.

Understanding these common mistakes made with Google AdWords is essential to improving your results and getting better quality traffic at a reasonable price. Yes, there are key terms that are

expensive and there’s little you can do about it. However, by avoiding these mistakes, you are able to generate consistent, affordable traffic for years.